Laser clay pigeon shooting is the safe and modern way of celebrating a traditional English sport. With real adapted guns, convincing sound effects and clay pigeons launched from an electronic machine, The Entertainment Group’s laser clay shooting system is as alike as is possible to the traditional clay shooting games. The laser clays gun is adapted from real shotguns to shoot lasers, not only does this mean no bullets are fired, but also cancels any kickback from the gun. This means the laser clay pigeon shooting is completely safe and can be used by adults and children of all ages and abilities. Laser clay pigeon shooting hire is perfect for any kind of event, from weddings and parties to fetes and team building days. No event is too big, too small, too formal or too casual.

Laser clay shooting equipment is delivered and set up completely self contained and with brilliantly trained and helpful operators who will manage the game and encourage your guests to have fun and take part in the laser clay shooting! With an electronic scoreboard, the laser shooting games are great at promoting friendly competition where guests can play individually or organised into teams – perfect for team building workshops! Laser target shooting has two versions that are both extremely popular and effective at entertaining guests for hours on end. The version most loyal to the traditional shooting game is the outdoor laser clay pigeon shooting which works just as the traditional game, pigeons are launched, and participants aim and pull the trigger.

The only difference is their score is judged by speed and accuracy from a sensor on the clay pigeon, rather than waiting to see if the pigeon is destroyed. The indoor laser clay shooting is still a hire shooting simulator game based on speed and accuracy, except to make it succeed indoors, we install a large board covered with led lights. These bulbs light up at random and become the participants’ targets. Hire laser clays and experience the exhilarating thrill of holding and firing a gun without any of the danger or violence aspects. To hire laser clay pigeon shooting for your next event, call The Entertainment Group and speak to our wonderful office team who can advise on finer details of the game. The laser clay simulator is one not to be missed out on, call now!